Where are the 2.5k?

  • 02 Apr 2012 12:48 PM
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    Joseph Wall (Administrator)

    According to the Peace Corps website (www.peacecorps.gov), 2, 294 people have served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Fiji since the program opened there in 1968. Add in those from Fiji and from the US who served on staff and we probably have closer to 2,500 people. What happened to everyone? And where are they now?

    In parallel with the National Peace Corps Association's effort to locate all returned Peace Corps Volunteers and former staff (about 250,000 - or 250K - by the time they finish their campaign in 2016), we'd like to find the 2.5K! Will you please help us? Here are some ways how:

    1.  Go to the NPCA's "Find the 250K" page (http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/findthe250k/) and enter your information. Then share the page with your Peace Corps friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same.

    2.  Still have your mug book for your training group? Scan it in and email it to jim3311@gmail.com for our website (http://fofiji.org/). It's even better if you can annotate it for us with information on who is where now. Don't have a scanner? Mail the book (or a copy) to our group address  in this newsletter.

    3.  Send us a list of former PCVs and staff that you know. Include their contact information and anything you know about their years and place of service (and training group number, if you know it). We have some lists, but there are gaps. And, yes, we do want to know if they are no longer with us in body, but now only in spirit. We will compile what we have and what we get later this year to see where we are in the count and the best way to allow people to access that information. We'll keep you posted through this newsletter and our social media channels.

    Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for details. Do you live in that area and would be willing to host or help plan an event? Email aebaker@cox.net.

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